Color Healing
For a Vibrant Abundant Life

The complete color healing foundation course

7 steps to heal what's holding you back
and increase your flow of abundance

Hello Beautiful Woman, on a path of passion and purpose,

  • Are you feeling stuck like something is holding you back from creating more money, love, or vibrant health?

  • Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed about next steps in your business?

  • Are you unclear or lacking energy for your creative projects?

    Are you feeling a lack of joy, peacefulness and purpose?

    Are you feeling unmotivated and unfocused? 

Imagine your vibrant abundant life...

Waking up happy, motivated, peaceful and ready to get your mission out into the world….

With vibrant energy…

Feeling connected with your own Divine Self and intuition and wisdom…

Feeling inspired to bring this vibrant beautiful energy to everything you do as you live your highest vision and purpose...

Living with greater clarity, love, joy, peacefulness, happiness and abundance and able to create a successful business...

This course is for you if....

You want to create success and abundance in your business by accessing higher states of consciousness and intuition.

You want greater clarity and intuition for inspired action in your business and in your life.

You would like to breathe easier and stay in a centered place throughout your day.

You want to allow the true vibrant YOU to radiate through all you do in your mission driven business and attract a greater flow of abundance.

Benefits of Color Healing 

Color Healing for Vibrant Abundance is a unique vibrational energy healing modality that uses specific frequencies to affect your own personal energy field and positively affect your life.

The benefits are deep healing of the emotional body, to access higher states of consciousness, to feel uplifting, calming, peaceful energy, connect with your Divine Self, feel unconditional love, gain greater clarity, peacefulness, and joy.


Meet Anna Champagne

Fiber Artist / Healer / Teacher

Anna Champagne is a professional fiber artist, energy healer, teacher, author, designer and entrepreneur, owner of Anna Champagne Silks and A Path of Beauty.  She has degrees in textiles and interior design, and has trained extensively in the holistic healing field, including emotion code, body code and transformational breathing, and created Color Healing for Vibrant Abundance System. 

“As a Fiber Artist for over thirty years, and as Color Healer working in the holistic healing field for 2o plus years, I wear the silks daily to protect my energy, raise my vibration and support myself with positive energy. A friend who commissioned several hand painted silk shawls and blankets describes them as energetic cocoons, making it easier to access higher states of consciousness during his meditations. I use the silks in color healing sessions.  For example, I would place a soft soothing pink scarf over the hearts of my clients to help heal grief and sadness.  My clients have used the silks for healing and empowerment in all areas of their lives, as have I! 

Testimonials / Love

       "Anna helped me in so many ways... from clearing my energy from beliefs and emotions that were keeping me from being my best version, to actually helping me manifest more abundance! During the process of our sessions, she empowered me to trust that I can speak up for myself, resulting in a promotion and also a new home and new car! I love wearing her color healing silk scarves, I can feel the energy.  Some are soothing and some are very empowering, and they have even stopped physical pains in my body."  "   Izzy Zarillo,  Raleigh, NC


     "Anna has a gift of enabling me to access a clearer understanding of the places I've been getting stuck in my life.  I've found the issues that were bothering me at the start of a session to be cleared away after working with her.  She is a beautiful being who orients her life and work from a high vibrational dimension. Anna has the ability to activate deep healing of the emotional body."    Lisa Jones, Owner,


I am an artist and into healing, but honestly, I really knew nothing about the meaning and energy of color until taking this course. It was amazingly enlightening and very experiential. As I focused on the different colors each week, wearing the scarves, I experienced many, many unexpected events that correlated to the qualities and empowerment of the colors. Thank you Anna for a great experience! I Highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to delve more deeply into color and healing!"  Catherine Thomas, Owner, Ponto Lambert Studio and Productions 

Color Healing Course

  • 8 weeks of group calls, including time to get your questions answered.
  • Online portal with recorded calls and modules that you can access anytime.
  • A Set of 7 Color Healing Silk Scarves- hand-dyed, energy infused.
  • Private FB Community for sharing and support.


  • About Color Healing and how it affects your energy and abundance vibration 

  •  Qualities / Positive Emotions / To raise your vibration

  • Archangels / Experience the energy and qualities that they embody

  •  Intentions / Uses / Practical Everyday Applications you can start using right away

  •  Visualizations / Meditations to align with positive qualities to support you each day

  •  Affirmations / To empower your intentions for your life and business

  •  Guided Journal Exercises / Personal Journey With Color


Each week learn about Color Healing and experience the energy of a color by wearing the color healing silk scarf during.... meditation / visualizations / affirmations / everyday life, while learning about that specific color / emotions / qualities / practical ways to use color every day to raise your vibration and create success in your business and abundance in all areas of your life.


Color as energy / frequencies of light / energy of emotions

Divine qualities and emotions of the colors and how they can heal, support and empower you.

Color Healing is a vibrational energy healing modality that uses specific frequencies to affect your own personal energy field and positively affect your life. 

The conscious use of color clears energetic blocks that are in the way of creating what you want in your life.

Color Healing
for a vibrant abundant life

7 Steps to heal what’s holding you back
and increase your flow of abundance


  • 8 Weeks of Live Online Group Sessions
  • Online Portal with Recorded Calls and 8 Modules of Content
  • PLUS a Set of 7 Beautiful Color Healing Silks Scarves (valued at $350)
  • Private FB Community for sharing and support

The next course starts June, 2020, online through weekly Zoom calls.

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